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My name is Phil, with Standing Stone Ministries. I served over 30 years in the pastorate and want to see others go the distance, too.  Our churches are having a leadership crisis - it breaks my heart to see pastors, psalmists and other leaders damaged and discarded.  The time has come to rally behind Worship Survival Guys and Gals.

It's big invisible win when another family ISN'T devastated,

when another close-knit church ISN'T shattered,

when the Kingdom ISN'T dealt another black eye.

So, for leaders in rough water: count me in.

One-on-one care. No Charge. Safe and confidential.

At Standing Stone Ministries, we believe the Church remains the hope of the world. If her Davids and Miriams are healthy, She'll be at her best.  (My best is always near the BQ, my bride of 40 years)


To get the video newsletter, say "hi," get help, be a supporter or just open a dialogue, connect here.  Your info is secure, and what you share is lock-down-confidential. (You can click here direct to our donation site.)


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PLUGGING IN: Phil, I totally get this.
But are you legit? 

And if so, how do I partner with you?

"No trial has overtaken you that is not faced by others - and God is faithful..." 1 Co. 10:13

“If preaching/teaching pastors are like butane lighters, who eventually run out of fuel in their reservoir, then worship leaders are like old fashioned stick matches—they burn out almost as soon as you light them.”

Zac Hicks - Worship Pastor and Author

“There's no negotiating.  People choose churches based on the music, and if I don't deliver the goods, I'm a failure.  Where's the Gospel in that?”

A Discouraged Psalmist (Whose songs are in your hymnal)

“North American culture does not offer congenial conditions in which to live vocationally as a pastor.  Men and women who are pastors in America today find they have entered into a way of life that is in ruins.”

The Late Eugene Peterson - Pastor, Author & Poet


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3. If God's already prompting you to support this work with your prayers and monthly support, let's go!  Whether you're praying, giving or both, please fill out the contact section below.  I'll want to touch base with you, say thanks, and make sure you have the secure donation site.


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What we're doing




Freely, safely, no strings attached

We offer a safe environment where precious leaders can vent and process what's happening in their lives. We pray with and for them. Some 40 years of ministry has given me useful thoughts, a boat-load of compassion, and a lifetime of connections. There is no cost, because a team of friends (I call my "Worship Team") is as concerned about them as I am. With phones, facetime, meeting for coffee - even a plane ticket in an emergency - we'll be there as God provides.

But probably not the musical kind

These talented folks have youtubes explaining exactly how to play each note of every new song. They have plenty of conferences.  Maybe they actually need a quiet retreat in the mountains with their spouse. Or a book about caring for their own souls while shepherding others. Or reminders about building margins into their lives.  Some need to blow the whistle on spiritual abuse and still apply Eph. 4:32.  Standing Stone even offers education to church boards about keeping shepherds healthy.

Help others survive and see worship thrive

I'll put it plainly: Worship Leaders are flaming out at a rate about triple that of teaching pastors; this is not doing the cause of "declaring God's glory" any favors. There's plenty to be said, but here's the sad punchline:  of those who have fallen, most agree that talking to an older, safe shepherd would have made all the difference. Think of it: a single phone call might have averted a church-crushing, family-splitting disaster.   I've said, "Lord, send me," but cannot do it alone.  Will you join my last "Worship Team?" Your prayers and monthly support will help us all on the journey to the "Thronezone."  In fact, we won't know until Glory about the tragedies we partnered together to avoid.


Connecting Saints with Saints

Over several decades of ministry, I've worked side-by-side with many of you who are reading this. I've seen God carry you through hundreds of challenges and heartaches; you can speak hope into seemingly hopeless situations.  With permissions in place, I'll connect you with someone suffering a similar issue.

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