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Don't go it alone.

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One-on-One Support.

No Charge. Confidential.

Video: Pastor Brian's Story



My name is Phil, with Standing Stone Ministries. I served over 30 years in the pastorate and want to see others go the distance, too.  Our churches are having a leadership crisis - it breaks my heart to see pastors, psalmists and other leaders damaged and discarded.  The time has come to rally behind Worship Survival Guys and Gals.

It's big invisible win when another family ISN'T devastated,

when another close-knit church ISN'T shattered,

when the Kingdom ISN'T dealt another black eye.

So, for leaders in rough water: count me in.

One-on-one care. No Charge. Safe and confidential.

At Standing Stone Ministries, we believe the Church remains the hope of the world. If her Davids and Miriams are healthy, She'll be at her best.  (My best is always near the BQ, my bride of 40 years)



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"No trial has overtaken you that is not faced by others - and God is faithful..." 1 Co. 10:13

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