"Who Shepherds the Shepherds?"

For over 30 years, Phil Christensen served on-staff at two churches; he knows the often-muddy trenches of ministry. After 16 years in his last position, he resigned to pursue a fresh call on his heart.

Phil observed an extraordinary number of teaching pastors and  worship leaders experiencing burnout or moral failure. God lead him to Standing Stone’s Dr. Ken Eichler; Ken challenged him to "shepherd the shepherds" and do this on a faith-supported basis.

Ministry leaders need care. They live in a fish bowl under the weight of spotlights and social media. Those "upfront" people are tasked to draw large, enthusiastic crowds, and usually hundreds of times each year. The expectations are as predictable as the tragic carnage that so often follows. Perhaps most frustrating, after “the crash,” the majority admit that simply talking and praying with someone safe would have made all the difference. This stuff is preventable.

For six years, Phil wrote a monthly column for Worship Leader Magazine, interviewing hundreds of pastors, praise-song writers, worship leaders and Christian artists.  Many of these interviews were extended into two books for Kregal Publications. He’s also served as a Worship Development Missionary, has written for Tom Kraeuter's Training Resources, Rev. Magazine, Christianity Today, CCM, Integrity Music and many on-line sites.

Phil’s been married to Mitzi (The Beauty Queen) for over 40 years; they have four grown children and two perfect grandchildren. Ask him for pictures! Phil's formal training was at Multnomah School of the Bible and he’s pursuing a late-life counseling degree to help him better care for people.



- Phil Christensen